List of Courses offeredEdit

The Department of Civil Engineering offers Gradate course in Civil Engineering and two Post Graduate courses, M.E. Structures and M.E. Environmental Engineering.

Courses Content for B.E.Edit

F.E. Semester IEdit

Communication Skills

Mathematics I

Engineering Physics I

Engineering Chemistry I

Engineering Graphics

Applied Mechanics

F.E. Semester IIEdit

Mathematics II

Engineering Physics II

Engineering Chemistry II

Basic Civil Engineering

Basic Electrical Engineering

Basic Mechanical Engineering

S.E. Semester IIIEdit

Mathematics III

Structural Mechanics I

Survey I

Building Construction and Design I

Fluid Mechanics I

Computer Programming

S.E. Semester IVEdit

Structural Mechanics II

Survey II

Building Construction and Design II

Engineering Geology

Fluid Mechanics II

T.E. Semester VEdit

Design of Structures I

Geotechnical Engineering I

Building Planning and Designing

Water resource Engineering I

Environmental Engineering I

T.E. Semester VIEdit

Structural Mechanics III

Geotechnical Engineering II

Transportation Engineering I

Engineering Management II

Environmental Engineering II

B.E. Semester VIIEdit

Design of Structures II

Quantity Survey & Valuation

Earthwork Engineering

Town & Country Planning

Concrete Technology

B.E. Semester VIIIEdit

Water resource Engineering II

Transportation Engineering II

Construction practices

Design of Structures III

Computer Application in Civil Engineering

List of StudentsEdit

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