Daily Study Time Edit

Set aside time daily (weekdays especially) for quality study. Don't think you can suddenly catch up after slacking off. There is no possible way to ever be "caught up" in dental school. There isn't enough time to read everything and maintain sanity. At the least keep up with class notes since that is what the professors test you on the most.

Normal Schedule Edit

Try to maintain a normal schedule as much as possible; it will reduce your stress level if things are predictable. Take time to play, make new friends, watch TV, movies, etc. and just do it in moderation, after studying. Maintain your outside relationships.

Don't be Discouraged Edit

Trust that you are capable. Don't be discouraged if you aren't at the top of the class like you were in udergrad. Being average or below average in an above average field is not being mediocre. Everyone graduates; UCLA likes everyone who was interviewed.

Almost Everyone Fails Edit

Almost everyone fails at least one exam; many fail several exams and still pass their classes. Stay on top of reviewing your class notes and avoid cramming.

Be Accountable Edit

Be held accountable by someone else, meaning find a friend and study together occasionally, bounce ideas off each other, ask questions, etc. Even studying individually with someone else present can help keep you focused. Support each other.

New Techniques Edit

Techniques that worked previously may no longer be effective here. Don't be afraid to try new study techniques until you find one that works for you. Study Guides & Strategies has many ideas for more effective learning, studying, managing time, and taking exams. Study smart!

Get Help Early Edit

If you feel overwhelmed, talk to your professor get a tutor lined up as soon as possible. If you don't click with them, find a different one so it will be worth both your efforts. Don't be embarrassed about getting a tutor. The more people who know you are struggling the more will be reaching out to help you and go out of their way to make sure you pass. Don't be too proud to let someone give you a helping hand.

Know what is Passing Edit

Pay attention to the different passing grades and requirements for the various classes. Know the deadlines as well.

Be On Time Edit

Don't be late for appointments. Get in the habit early on of being dependable and responsible. Be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there. This shows that you can be responsible to your patients' appointments.

Exercise Edit

Don't take the shuttle bus from Weyburn; Walk! The UCLA Recreation Dept. has a wide variety activities for different interests.

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