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To create a group which facilitates learning new ideas and concepts that will improve the quality and appearance of of our dentistry.

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Please join Dr. Hewlett and Dr. Lyn this coming Monday, Feb. 6th to learn more about what we have planned for the study club.

Dr. Lyn will be sharing some words of wisdom on what is needed to prepare an esthetic case presentation. Along with being a great opportunity to learn more about Esthetic dentistry, the study club will be a fun way to learn from all of our esthetic cases. We will plan to meet at 5:30 in room 13-105.

Past Meetings Edit

8/3/05 6:30 pm To ? with Dr. Crispin, Dr. Kristi, Vicki at Esthetics Professionals in Tarzana

I think many of you have already heard that we are trying to organize a 2 year mini-residency in aesthetics for 3rd and 4th year students. This was in existence several years ago and was quite successful. As you can imagine, creating a new curriculum and program from scratch is not an easy task. My goal is to implement it by fall quarter 2005, but this may not be feasible. I'll be updating the classes by email.

Suggestions Edit

Specialists discuss various procedures relevant to the dentist in the aesthetic practice

  • perio may talk about gingivectomies or minimum biologic width & crown lengthening
  • ortho might discuss using a removable appliance to correct minor misalignments prior to prepping crowns or veneers (Inman or Speed Aligner).
  • certified dental lab technician or ceramist might talk about impressions, lab communications, stacking porcelain, material qualities

If any of you personally know of dentists who dedicate a large proportion of their practices to aesthetic work and think they would be good speakers, please invite them in. However, before inviting them please tell me because I need to check with Dr. Bibb to ensure the school will allow them to speak to us on campus.

13 Questions to ask when selecting an Esthetic Dentist (from Paul Henny, DDS)

  1. What type of post graduate training has the dentist had in esthetic/cosmetic dentistry?
  2. If you had an examination, did the dentist take the time to photograph your smile and take moulds of your teeth so he/ she could study them carefully before making any recommendations?
  3. Did the dentist take the time to explain to you all of the details of your case, all of your options, and important issues such as longevity, durability, risks, or potential complications?
  4. Did they show you examples of cases just like yours which they have personally treated? If yes, did you like the way they looked? Did it look natural or artificial?
  5. Will the dentist allow you to talk to patients they have treated and who have had similar procedures done?
  6. Is the dentist affiliated with any professional cosmetic dental organizations such as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry or the Academy of Esthetic Dentistry?
  7. Upon visiting the office, did it appear to be up to date? Was it clean? Was the staff willing to show you around their office without hesitation?
  8. Was the office staff knowledgeable about cosmetic dentistry when you called on the phone or spoke to them in person about it?
  9. Is the dentist willing stand behind their work if something unplanned occurs after treatment?
  10. What do other dentists (particularly specialists in town) think about the quality of their cosmetic work?
  11. Where is - and what is - the quality of their dental laboratory? (The place the esthetic dentistry is actually made) On site? Out of town? Out of state? Mexico?
  12. Has the dentist had any complaints made against them by patients to the Virginia Board of Dentistry?
  13. Will the dentist allow you to come in and interview them and allow you to learn the answers to the above questions?
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