(Claire L.) Like Dean, I'd be interested in looking at the livability of cities, in light of the disastrous hurricanes of this past year. I was recently in New Orleans, and think that an examination of the "natural" elements of natural disasters would be particularly worthwhile. Passing across the levees, the differences between the relative stages of disarray in the different quarters of the city are quite striking, not to mention the ramifications of soil contamination, the "Katrina cough," and elevated crime.

high five to claire for suggesting this one. I think this is a topic we almost HAVE to discuss in light of the Katrina disaster. You know what would be really cool? Mapping out New Orleans and showing the impact on various areas - but not just a general map like you see on the news. I'm talking about a street map that would put New Orleans under a microscope. I don't know if this is possible or not, but what if we could map out New Orleans in terms of its neighborhoods, then focus on one or two neighborhoods, and the damage done there, down to the level of street layout. Wasn't there a proposal last semester for a class to be taught about Katrina? perhaps we could talk to that professor about research. we could also interview/talk to those three Duke students that drove down to New Orleans in their car right after Katrina and pretended to be news anchors so that they could deliver food. -Ikee Back to presentation topics page