Hello, I am proposing we might try to think about music from a variety of perspectives, sort of along the lines that people discuss "new media" such as video games, virtual reality etc.; in fact, there is a growing field of "sound studies" that looks at music in as yet under-recognized areas, such as film, videos, etc.

We could think of music in terms of its physics, in terms of internet access, in terms of psychoanalysis/psychology, different cultural traditions, struck me because it is one of the most appreciated of the arts but oddly one of the least publicly discussed or analyzed.

Rachel Price Program in Literature (5th year, for thos who don't know me!)

On Seconding the Music Topic

I like this idea, Rachel... As an engineer who was formerly a musician (although not a good one!) I definitely appreciate music and feel that I don't understand all that goes into the study of music. Plus, I think music affects everyone around us... They say that it's responsible for shaping the culture of our youth, and it's like, you can't ignore music if you hear it. I'd also be interested in learning about the scientific basis behind how music is understood, remembered... why music is useful as a pneumonic device, music in advertising (jingles), it's history as far as the various types of movements, instrumentation, how people across different cultures understand / hear music (are there certain pitches that are imperceptible to certain cultures because those sounds do or don't occur in their every day language), music as a language itself (especially tonal languages like Thai and Chinese)...

- Audrey (4th yr, Biomedical Engineering)