(Audrey E.) I'm not a literature or sci-fi guru, but I'd be curious to hear/learn about old sci-fi books that successfully "predicted," or perhaps influenced in their own right, the development of some of the technology found in modern cities today. In addition one could look at current sci-fi novels and assess the viability of some of the (seemingly) outrageous proposals of the way of the future. Essentially this topic would consider the creative power of popular fiction on technological developments and impacts on cities.

(hey! Ikee again. Everybody has probably thought of these books already, but I'm just starting a list that others can add on to:) 1984

Brave New World

The Martian Chronicles

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Also, I would like to add Sir Francis Bacon's New Atlantis, the games City of Heros and City of Villians, St. Augustine's City of God,

and the Net as virtual city, such as it has outlets for commerce, communication, the largest red light district, residences and addresses, and locations for the exchange of ideas.

Perhaps in addition to investigating successful sci-fi predictions regarding cities, we could also look at developments that sound like sci-fi now, but are technically possible in the future. Yes, it sounds strange, but consider this: physicists belive that people can build a city on a girder-work ring around a spinning black hole. The city would use the black hole as a generator, extracting power from its spin. Sounds like sci-fi, but it can theoretically be accomplished. (Maria)