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NOTE: the USP has *very* limited funds at the moment to pay for honoraria plus travel and lodging accomodations, unless other campus groups (departments, organizations, programs) can help co-sponsor. Also, people who would be willing to come for the cost of travel and lodging plus a very small honoraria are certainly welcome! (Tori)

Hello all-

My nomination is Anne-Maria Makhulu. She is "currently completing a book manuscript entitled The Geography of Freedom: Envisioning Change on South Africa’s Urban Limits, in which she considers the place of informal settlements within a broader spatial politics of struggle in South Africa."

I went to hear her speak a little while ago at the Franklin Center, and she has some really fascinating insights into how the contruction of South Africa's urban centers, and the racialization of its geography paralleled the broader social trends of the time-- an interdisciplinary approach to the issue of "cities." She is also speaking next semester at the Wednesdays at the Center series on African urbanism.

Good luck with finals everyone! Claire Lauterbach


I hope everyone is having an enjoyable winter break. I?m writing to nominate Professor Edna Andrews, Chair of Duke University's Slavic and Eurasian Studies department, as the keynote speaker for our USP "Cities" Symposium. Professor Andrews is normally very busy, but I imagine that if her schedule would permit, she wouldn't hesitate to talk to us (Tori might wish to contact her directly). Professor Andrews has strong ongoing ties to various Russian cities. As an interdisciplinary educator and an expert in the language and culture of that area, she might talk to us about a city like St. Petersburg, or a less European city of her choosing in the greater Russia. I took English 115, Gender and Language, from Professor Andrews during Spring 2005, and was extremely impressed with her intelligence, personality, knowledge, ethics, and unique approach to teaching. She engages her students individually and collectively. Again, I haven't cleared this idea with Professor Andrews and might be acting prematurely and presumptuously, but if everyone agrees, I'd do whatever I can, based on what Tori would recommend, to try to enlist her for this purpose. This could also give some of you who might be interested in one or more of Professor Andrews's classes in the future a chance to get to meet her personally.

Best, Turan

People suggested to me in conversation: Dr. Marie-Lynn Miranda, Associate Research Professor, Environmental Sciences and Policy, Duke's Nicholas School of the Environment. Dr. Miranda's expertise lies in children's environmental health and environmental justice, spatial modeling and GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Director, Children's Environmental Health Initiative. Advisor to Anthony Collins, Uni scholar Trinity '07, whose summer enrichment project involved built environment mapping of neighborhoods in the city of Durham and the relation to health issues.

Links to articles about Dr. Miranda's work:

Also, from Brian Madison (and perhaps a long shot, but maybe with help from ISIS and Professor Tim Lenoir?):

I'd like to suggest Sim City urban planning simulation creator Will Wright. I'm particularly curious as to what sort of research he did to create Sim City and what reception it has had by urban planners, if any.

-Brian M.

Dear Unis,

Happy holidays to you and yours! My recommendation for the symposium speaker is former HUD secretary Henry Cisneros. He has served as President of the National League of Cities, Mayor of San Antonio, and now runs the non-profit he helped found, American City Vista. His adult life has been almost wholly focused around the planning and development of cities. Cisneros charges some, but there are other groups that could help co-sponsor (namely DPU, Duke Dems, Student Affairs, DUU). besides that, he's pretty flexible on dates and money, if only because he's not in office anymore.

Cheers, jimmy S.