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University at Buffalo

State University of New York at Buffalo, commonly known as the University at Buffalo or UB, is a public research university which has multiple campuses located in Buffalo and Amherst, New York, USA. Offering 84 bachelor's, 184 master's and 78 doctoral degrees, it is a flagship campus[2] and the largest of the four comprehensive university centers within the State University of New York (SUNY) system.[3] From its inception in 1846 until 1962, the private school was known as the University of Buffalo. Once it became a state university, the name was changed, but many alumni still refer to it by the former name. The University at Buffalo is the largest institution in the northeastern United States (comprising of New York state and New England)

Alumni Arena

Alumni Arena is a multi-purpose arena in Buffalo, New York. The arena is home to the University at Buffalo. The nickname for the men's and women's basketball, women's volleyball, and wrestling teams is the Buffalo Bulls. The facility currently seats 6,100 people and has a estimated construction cost of $20 million, Overall the sports scene at University at Buffalo is negigible after the hiring of Coach Quinn for the Buffalo Bulls

HUB,MYUb and AttheBull

HUB- is a newly launched web application this year for University Students that replaced the registering and viewing class features of MyUB, HUB now contains a shopping cart and courses are added via a search catalog, HUB also replaced the bill payment section of MYUB and now UB students pay and view their finanical and billing records on the HUB,

MYUB- Myub is the UB portal for accessing UB email and UBLearns, often also a place where general notifications are posted, Many of MYUB features have been replaced by the newly launched HUB is a newly launched forum for UB students, giving UB students a chance to connect with one another via a cohesive message board that was previously not avaible on MyUB, AttheBull was launched prior to HUB and contains the non-finanical sections that was previously excluded and contains a Q&A board as well as faculty information.

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