Yes, a space for all the Kingston Students to present their views to the world.

Please note that this is not a forum, everything that you post here can be edited... by anybody. Yes there will probably be people who write "poo" over other people's articles, but then one can't teach slaves to be free, they must be free to learn the value of their freedom, and that is what this whole project is about.

If you have any questions about how to start a page, how to edit the one that already exists, how to upload your own images, etc... please feel free to ask that on the specially created forum board.

Another note: Everything posted here must be distributable with GFDL, so you cannot claim that somebody has plagirised your article. If you post it here, you allow people to distribute, modify, make profit from it.

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The count for the student union president (and as the result all other positions), has been suspended. The official expanation released is available here. As the result of that the emergency student council has been scheduled to take place on 2005 March 15th at 18.00 to elect the NUS delegate.

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